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The full essay of this trip appeared in an on-line publication called "Actors Overseas." It was part of a cultural exchange and socializing network which no longer exists in its previous form.

Russia By River

(Excerpt #2)

In Europe, there's a "one key per room policy" in many hotels that seems a bit odd to my way of thinking. No matter how many of you there are in a room, all you get is one key to juggle between you. No exceptions. It makes for a more intense social experience.

The ship operates the same way.

So if you are not sharing a cabin with someone, life pretty much goes along fairly naturally. But if you do have a roommate on board the M.S. Mayakovsky, your life will become a constant series of manhunts as you try to track down your roommate who forgot to leave the key at the key desk on the second deck. After the ship set sail from Moscow, the first stop was the next afternoon when we pulled into a small patch of land along the shore to have a barbeque (called a shashlik) and a game of volleyball. There was nothing there except woods, mosquitoes, a swamp, and a couple of clearings between clumps of trees. At some point in time, someone amazingly thought to name the spot and it is called Sosenki.

I very much wanted to change into shorts to play volleyball but I didn't have my cabin key. It wasn't at the key desk. It must be with John but I couldn't find him. First off, I checked the bar. (Rule # 1 - the rear bar is always the first spot to pop into when anyone is looking for Debbie, Patrick, John or myself.) And then I checked the office. At this point it was anybody's guess where he could be. (Most likely tromping through the woods avoiding our group of tourists who keep asking if we can get them good theater tickets when we get back to New York.)

Time is running out. The game is beginning and there's just not going to be any short pants for me. I'm pissed off as I head for the volleyball court.

The game progresses in a normal fashion, by which I mean that the team I am on is losing. I take my anger out on the ball. At one point, I give it one decent spike over the net and people applaud as we get the point. It feels great but I never again get another good spike. I try... but the thing flies off in any other direction than the one I'm hoping for. At some point I see John standing with the spectators holding his video camera. I wonder two things.... Did he bring the key so I can go change after the first game? And did he record my one decent spike on videotape?

Other people had worse key problems than I did. I could have been Bernarda. Poor Bernarda was locked in her room by her cabinmate, Doris. She struggled to climb out of her cabin window but couldn't fit through. She was reduced to screaming in her nearly incomprehensible Dominican Republic accent, "Help me! I'm locked in here!" and a crew member passed by and rescued her. After twenty minutes.