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The full essay of this trip appeared in an on-line publication called "Actors Overseas." It was part of a cultural exchange and socializing network which no longer exists in its previous form.

Russia By River

(Excerpt #1)

Before landing in Moscow, Finnair passed out Russia's Customs Declaration form that everybody fills out. It tells the Russian government how much money and jewelry we are bringing into their country. The overwhelming feeling is that we will be subjected to random strip searches as they verify that we have only what we say we have and nothing else. I wonder about my bottles of gin and Kahlua that are weighing so heavily in my suitcase. Will they be confiscated? Will I be arrested?

Several years ago I was stupid enough to try to bring back a bunch of cute, four inch long bananas from Puerto Rico. I didn't succeed. They were ripped from my bag and thrown onto a tall pile of fruit as big as your dad and I was sent inside to board my plane with nothing edible. Did anyone offer to buy them from me? No. Who ate them? I don't know. Were they given to poor children and shut-ins? I could only assume. But I didn't want the same thing to happen with my bottles of booze. I couldn't bear to see them swiped from my suitcase and thrown onto a clattering pile of shimmering bottles then promptly delivered to Moscow's poor children and shut-ins.

My plan, along with John, was to bring over lots of booze so we wouldn't have to buy all of our drinks from the ship's bar. And there would be a lot of them to buy. So I brought the gin and Kahlua; he brought the vodka. If we landed in jail, would they look more leniently on me or him?

Suddenly on the plane, this whole BYOB idea seemed too risky. Daring, even. But still, as tired as we were, we thumbed our noses at the prospect of imprisonment or banishment to Siberia at the chance that what were doing was considered illegal. Or tacky.

But no. No one gave a damn. No one opened our suitcases. No one asked what we had. They just waved us through. All fifty seven of us. No drama at all. They didn't even look at our Customs Declarations that we had labored over filling out on the plane. The queue for passports and visa verification was slow and tedious and thorough but the Customs thing was just a wave of some bureaucrat's hand as we all swept through without opening anything. The booze was safe. We should have brought more.