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Florida Today Newspaper

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Bad Movie Haikus
- just for fun

A fun distraction....


Beautiful big ship
Takes so long for it to sink
The script dragged it down

Brother Bear

He's a warrior
Mystically, now he's a bear.
Disney likes claptrap.

The Polar Express

Tom Hanks looks creepy.
Wait, no, they're all disturbing.
Technology, bad.

View From the Top

Gwyneth's on a plane!
Watch her travel all around.
She's pretty in clothes.

Mission Impossible: 2

Funny, Cruise is hot
But where is his sex appeal?
Maybe he sold it.

Midnight in the Garden
of Good and Evil

The book was rich fun.
Great characters and intrigue.
Not like Clint's movie.

Boat Trip

Should be a great cruise
But sounds of no-one laughing
Make one shake one's head.

Star Wars III

Loads of light sabers.
That's all George has to offer.
By now few souls care.

War of the Worlds (remake)

Let them destroy Earth.
That will stop Cruise from film work.
It is a blessing.

Freddy Got Fingered

Most unwatchable.
Please, Tom Green, change your career.
Maybe a desk job.

Van Helsing

Fright pics should be fun.
Don't make them loud and stupid.
Put a plot in there.

Open Water

Must be unpleasant
To be that unlikable
That folks don't miss you.

The Stepford Wives (remake)

Yes, robots are cool.
Why remake such a classic?
Discarding all depth.