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Donaco Smyth, freelance commercial copywriting

You want to reach your customers... and I can help you do that.

I have worked for ten years writing press releases and marketing materials for not-for-profit theaters in New York, California and Florida. Now my client list includes larger companies who want to match their ideas with dynamic text.

And I'm loving it that they let me help them reach their market through my writing.

Working with small theaters for so long has taught me a lot about what it takes to get an audience's attention. In a way, that's what customers are, an audience. You need them to notice you and pay attention to what you're telling them.

If you are looking for help getting the words right (or the right words!) on your ad copy, press releases or brochures, then contact me. We can discuss your needs and you'll get to meet somebody who adores his job, is good at it, and lets it show in his work.

Donaco Smyth
Reach Through Writing

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