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Florida Today Newspaper

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About Donaco

I was one of those kids in school who secretly loved English class. While the other kids groaned because we had to write an essay, I actually smiled. Usually just inwardly.

Others may have rolled their eyes at my enthusiasm but that didn't diminish my interest in putting the words down and hammering away at them until I got something I liked. OK, and something that would make the teacher say, "Let's see what Don is up to so feverishly over here."

I learned early on how to get the English teacher's attention. No longer a teacher's pet, I now work for a larger audience.

pic of me

With over ten years of press releases, fliers, ad copy, brochures, a few corporate bios, some journalism, and two produced stage plays giving me a heck of a lot of experience, I've learned a great deal about using words to reach out to people.

What I do with this knowledge, nowadays, is get you to reach out to people. My text becomes your copy on your materials. Take a look at how I can make your day and see how we can make sense of your copywriting needs.

If you were one of those kids who didn't care for English class the way I did, don't worry. I enjoy doing this enough for both of us.

Thanks for checking out the website.